Natural Male Private Part Enhancement Methods in Preparation for Intimate Battles


Penile size causes a lot of concern for men and women's sexual performance and satisfaction. Because of this, professionals on sexuality and well-being are formulating methods to enhance this physical aspect of men for more pleasurable and highly satisfying love-making. While there are synthetic or natural approaches of male private organ enhancements introduced out there, there are also natural and organic ways which might be preferable for you due to zero to low adverse effects.

Proper Diet and Physical Exercise
Just like every part of the body, the male organ needs to be fully nourished to grow well. In addition to that, the male hormone testosterone actually plays the major part of male characteristics including the penile size. For that reason, any man should always take the proper diet. Being obese or even simply overweight is not an option. The food intake should be right balancing protein, vitamins and minerals, and other essential nutrients. Specifically, eat food rich in Zinc and Vitamin C and E. However, do not forget also regular exercise to lose weight. Too much fat disrupts good penile blood flow which may not only affect penile size but also the quality of erection as well. Watch a helpful video on some tips at .

Regular Penile Exercise called Jelqing Exercises
The best male enhancement exercises  is one form of penile exercise that proves to be an effective natural dick enlargement method. Basically, it is kinda a milking method in which you are going to stroke your private organ from the base to the shaft, up to the glans while doing a tight squeeze. However, it must be performed while at flaccid or semi-flaccid but definitely not in the erect state. This is recommended to be done for one or two times a week only.

Penile Hanging
This is another form of natural penis enlargement which uses weights to stretch the male private organ and obtain the right strength and size. The weights may range from 1 ounce to 1 pound on the average.  Although this is natural and could be effective if done properly and with supervision from a physician or other experts, some resources mentioned cases of injury and negative outcomes.

Natural Food Supplements
Natural food supplements which are rich in essential vitamins and minerals for "masculinity and power" are available in the market. These are usually taken daily and are helpful in cases you do not have enough time to consume natural food like fruits and vegetables.

Proper Rest
The male organ is made of muscle tissues and therefore needs enough rest. Get enough sleep and allow your private part to be flaccid at times to prepare for the next battle. It will not just help in the enlargement but to the erection quality and sexual performance also.